Angular is a framework that allows to make web applications. It is therefore used for the creation of websites since it help to implements the same functionalities as software or a smartphone application and for its efficency.

Web application

It is a web page that offers the same functionalities as software. Where can I find software? On a computer, smartphone or tablet.

The web applications we develop use a separate API. What is an API? An application programming interface that allows two applications to be linked together so that they can communicate. This division makes it possible to modify what is displayed in real time, without having to reload the page each time new data is needed. At Jafiot, web application development is our greatest strength. So, if you need to develop a web application, you know who to call.

We typically use Angular, a specialized framework for the user side. This allows to create a SPA application. This consists of a web application accessible through a single web page. The objective is to avoid loading a new page with each action requested, and thus to streamline the user experience. This allows to load the front-end from the start. So we get a considerable advantage: a reduction in time when changing pages. It is enough to manage the dynamic data provided by the server if there is a presence of these on the page that the user wishes to consult.

If you already have good programming knowledge and are looking to maintain an Angular project, know that this platform uses TypeScript, a rewrite of JavaScript. It is typed and object-oriented. When the Jafiot team starts a project, TypeScript is always in order.

You already have a web application or your needs are less? No problem! We are very comfortable working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. For styling, we use Bootstrap.


Web applications have several advantages. For one thing, they don't require installation. This allows customers or future customers to use your platform without having to install anything on their devices. On the other hand, it allows to have a single application and use it with any device that can access a web browser: computers, smartphones and tablets. Thus, it decreases the development time to join all these platforms. However, if you had to make an application for each platform and each operating system, it would be a waste of time. Keep in mind that: a reduction in development time also means lower costs for the realization of your project!


You may think that a native software or application would be safer with the purpose of protecting you from hackers. The answer to this uncertainty: it is possible that a web application is less secure, but it depends on how it was programmed and installed. Applications that require a higher level of security and should not be public will be developed accordingly. Setting up a web application is a good option for getting an intranet application.


So what is an intranet application? It is a web application only accessible by the organization and by people to whom the organization chooses to give access. Typically, this type of application is used for internal management purposes and then ensure proper functioning in various ways. By doing so, anyone not connected to your company's network will not be able to access your web application, which adds the same security as software or a native application for which you are the only one to have the files. 'facility.


To make APIs, we generally use the NestJS framework. It is a framework based on the Node.js software platform and which has access to libraries that can be installed with npm, a package manager with which it is possible to implement libraries. This allows to create a server with advanced features, and this, efficiently. In addition, since Angular and NestJS use TypeScript as a language, they fit together very well, so the development of the project is accelerated.

PHP has no secrets for us! This programming language is used for what relates to the back end or server side. In fact, PHP makes it possible to make very flexible applications: its use fills a panoply of very varied needs. Just like JavaScript with npm, it has a package manager named “Composer” to download open source libraries. PHP is made up of tens of thousands of libraries (over 80,000) that help create certain functionality. A real facilitator in the development of an application!

Do you work with other tools that need to communicate with the web application? Whether it is native software, a mobile application or another web application, it is possible to simply use the API. By doing so, the time required to develop these other tools will be reduced considerably. By the same way, you will decrease the chances of creating bugs in these new tools.

Showcase site

In general, a showcase site is static. It is a good tool if you want to communicate information about your services, display your contact details or introduce your team. The site you are on right now is a good example. If you regularly want to make changes to the information on your site or want to display products to make online sales, you should opt for a web application instead.

As mentioned in the section on web applications, our team is very comfortable using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. Additionally, we use Bootstrap. That being said, we are comfortable doing business with the web designer of your choice who will be better equipped to make the aesthetics of your website reflect your image.


Not only are we able to develop APIs and web applications that will meet your needs, but we can also take care of everything related to hosting. This is offered thanks to a fleet of computer servers at our disposal.


Our preferred Linux distribution is Debian. Indeed, it is the operating system that we use the most when working on projects related to computers and servers. Debian is a great operating system because it is remarkably stable since updates are tested long before they are released. However, if you have preferences as to the operating system that we will use for your project, we remain open to proceed in the way that suits you best. So if you know of another Debian-based Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu, we can adjust accordingly.


Raspbian is a version of Debian tailored specifically for Raspberry Pis. If you don't want to invest a lot of money and don't need a lot of performance, you might consider using a Raspberry Pi which would cost you around $100 (Canadian).


Electron is an environment for developing cross-platform applications as well as compiling a web application into native software for Windows, Linux and Mac. To do this, we just need to configure Electron to compile our web application. Thus, we will be able to create the formats of software and installers of your choice. Electron is quite popular in the programming world due to its transparency to users. Indeed, the latter was used to develop many recognized applications. Not only does Electron have no external dependencies, but we only need to run the installer that matches the computer's operating system for your software to work.


Do you want to use the framework on which you based yourself when designing your old web application? No problem! NativeScript allows to use the logic of your web application when it was developed from a framework like Angular. We can even change the graphical interfaces to adapt them to Android and iOS mobile devices. As a result, you will keep the base you prefer, while providing an appearance adapted to the needs of users. In addition, you save development time and, in addition, you reduce the risk of creating new bugs by reusing part of the code.


They represent an element to be carefully considered, because they are often present in web applications and management software. Our team specializes in MariaDB and MySQL databases. What is MariaDB? This is a foundation that bought the code of MySQL in 2009. The programmers at the foundation have done a great job and they are continually making improvements. So, for the creation of a new database, we strongly advise you to use MariaDB. It has been optimized several times to increase speed compared to MySQL. It is able to support MySQL databases without requiring conversion. However, MySQL doesn't seem capable of supporting MariaDB databases.


As you have seen, the Jafiot team is equipped to create the best version of your future software and applications. Also, we will live up to your expectations regarding your needs on the biggest platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS and the web. In addition, with our combination API (NestJS or PHP), Angular, Electron and NativeScript, we will develop computer programs that will be compatible with all these platforms and that will reflect your organization. It is possible to create this, while reusing the computer code through the software and applications that will result from your project. This will result in the benefits explained earlier when making a change. We only offer you the services in which we specialize. So you will come out a winner in the short, medium and long term!