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A web app is a web page that offers the same functionalities as software on a computer or mobile app on a smartphone. The web applications we develop use a separate API. This division allows you to change what is displayed in real time without having to reload the entire page each time new data is needed. That's our strength so you'd certainly be safe if you ask us for a web app.

For web apps, we usually use Angular, a framework that is made especially for the client side. It allows making a SPA app. A SPA app is an app that loads all the client side when users access the first page of the app. This has the advantage of significantly reducing the time when users change pages since this page is already on their computer. It only remains to load dynamic data provided by the server side if there is any on the page that the user wants to see. For those who are familiar with programming and would like to maintain an Angular project, Angular uses TypeScript, a JavaScript rewrite that is typed and uses object-oriented programming principles. When deploying the project, it's compiled in JavaScript which allows in addition to keep for us the source code which avoids the plagiarism of our web app.

For those who already have a web app or those who have very low needs, we are also very familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. For the style, we use Bootstrap.


Web apps have several advantages. Firstly, they don't require an installation. This allows your customers or future customers to use your platform without having to install it on their devices. Secondly, it allows to have a single app and use it with any device that can access a web browser such as computers, smartphones and tablets. This allows you to reach all these platforms with a much shorter development time than if you had to make an app for each platform and operating system. Also, remember that a shorter development time also means a project that is less expensive!

Some people think that native software or mobile apps are better than web apps because they are safer against hackers. This is an abusive generalization. A web app may be less secure, but it depends on how it was programmed and installed. For web apps that need high security and that should not be public, you can easily configure the web app to be an intranet app (an app that is accessible only on your local area network (LAN)). By doing this, anyone who will not be connected to the internet on your company's network will not be able to access your web app which adds the same security as native software or mobile apps of which you are the only ones to have the program's files.


For the API, we generally use the framework NestJS. It is a framework based on Node.js and has access to many libraries with npm. This allows you to create a server with advanced features and quickly. In addition, like Angular, NestJS uses TypeScript. These two framework fit well, which can also accelerate the development.

We know PHP very well. It is the most used server-side web language. This language makes it possible to make apps that are very flexible. It can be used with a wide variety of needs and, like JavaScript with npm, it has a package manager called Composer to install Open Source libraries. PHP has tens of thousands of libraries (more than 80000) to help make some features. This facilitates the development of apps!

If you have other tools that need to communicate with the web app whether it's a native software, a mobile app or another web app, it can just use the API. By doing this, you will reduce the development time of these other tools in addition to reducing the risk of creating bugs in these new tools.

Showcase Websites

A showcase website is a website generally static that serves to give information about your services, to give your contact information and to introduce yourself. For example, the website you are currently on is a showcase website. If your website has features like having information that is often changing or online selling, you need a web app instead.

As it's written in the web app section, we are very familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. In addition, we use Bootstrap. However, we are not specialized in the beauty of websites. If you want a breathtaking website, we recommend going to see a web designer. On the other hand, we are able to make you a website that you can be proud to show. we let you judge the beauty of our websites with this one and with the website of our CEO which you can consult at the address:


We can take care of hosting the web apps and the API we develop for you. According to your preferences, we can make you a server which will be installed at your company. We also offer to host it on our side thanks to a computer server park which is at our disposal.


Debian is the Linux distribution we prefer. It's the operating system we use most with computers and servers. We highly recommend it since it requires very few resources. In addition, it's very stable since the updates are tested a very long time before being published which is important for a server. However, if you know of another Debian-based Linux distribution that you like like Ubuntu, we will be able to use that distribution for your server.


Raspbian is a Debian version specially adapted for Raspberry Pi. If you don't want to invest a lot of money and you don't need a lot of performance, you might consider using a Raspberry Pi that would cost you around $ 100 (Canadian).


Electron makes it possible to compile a web app into native software for Windows, Linux and Mac. To do this, we only have to configure Electron to compile our web app to create the desired software and installer formats. Electron is a platform that is used by many known software and it's completely transparent to users. In addition, there are no external dependencies. Just run the installer that corresponds to the operating system of the computer and your software will work.


NativeScript allows you to reuse the logic of your web app if it is coded with a framework like Angular and to change the graphical interfaces to adapt them to Android and iOS mobile devices. This maintains a good base while providing an app that looks more user-friendly. As a result, you save development time since the mobile app reuses some of the code and you reduce the risk of creating new bugs.


Databases are very present in web apps and in management software. This is something to consider carefully. On our side, we are specialized with MariaDB and MySQL databases. For those who don't know it, MariaDB is a foundation that bought MySQL's source code in 2009 and the programmers of the foundation have improved the code on their side since then. If you have to create a new database, we'll join many Linux distributions including Debian that have turned their back on MySQL for MariaDB and we'll suggest you use MariaDB. According to several sources, MariaDB has made several optimizations to increase the speed compared to MySQL and MariaDB can support MySQL databases without any conversion. However, MySQL doesn't seem to be able to support MariaDB databases.


As you may have noticed during your reading, we are able to create software and apps for the largest platforms, that is, Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS and the web. In addition, with our combination API (NestJS or PHP), Angular, Electron and NativeScript, we can make computer programs that will be compatible with all these platforms while reusing the code through software and apps that will be generated by your project. This reuse has many direct benefits for you like to reduce development time so the project is less expensive and is ready to be used faster. In addition, it will bring about the same benefits when there are changes or additions to be made.

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