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Jafiot is a small local business, based in Drummondville (Quebec, Canada). Our team is made up of five young people passionate about IT, web applications and innovation.

You want to carry out a project, but you feel that you are not adequately equipped? Jafiot is the key resource for you! Not only do we pay attention to detail, but we remain available to our customers throughout the entire process. Our team will develop a custom solution based on your needs, big or small.

Do you notice issues that affect the friendly atmosphere of your organization? Our services contribute to harmony in your workplace in many ways!

We are experts in automating recurring tasks, improving processes, and then drastically reducing handling and time.

You can call on us if you want to develop web applications, RESTful APIs, mobile applications or software. We offer hosting for these, while referring you to other available resources if this is a need for your organization. Through IT, Jafiot wants to equip you to promote an innovative work environment that reflects your image.


Make life easier for our customers by offering them tailor-made solutions that will meet their IT needs.


Offer centralized tools that meet the needs of organizations.


We base our development on the involvement and collaboration of our employees and we implement structures that facilitate exchanges in order to use best practices.
To maintain a climate that promotes well-being at work, it is essential to treat our colleagues and customers in a respectful and fair manner, while being attentive to everyone's needs.
To remain competitive, we strive to encourage innovative ideas by maintaining the process of continuous evolution. We believe in human potential and we develop solutions to improve our processes.
Health and security
As responsible employers, we ensure the commitment of each member of the team to promote and exercise, in all circumstances, a safe approach to work. This approach represents the best guarantee of progress in terms of health and safety.

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In this section, you will find more technical details related to certain programming technologies that we master.

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Analyst Programmer

During my young age, I quickly developed a passion for computers. In fact, from my early teens, I was following guides to learn how to program video games, then I started some simple websites. This interest motivated me throughout my school career, which led me to obtain my college diploma in computer science. Currently, I am studying at university to obtain my bachelor's degree in computer science at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

I am proud to have been part of the Jafiot team for more than two years now, because each day is as stimulating as the first. I find that the working atmosphere is very friendly and I always feel listened to by my peers. Also, the flexibility of the schedule is a great asset for a person like me who is finishing his studies at the graduate level or for someone who is continuing his career with formative studies in parallel. At Jafiot, I acquired a wealth of knowledge, both in web development and in microcontroller programming. The qualities that best describe me are: passionate, ambitious and autonomous. If there is a subject that I am less familiar with, I take the time to acquire greater knowledge.

With regard to IT solutions, both simple and complete; abstract or esoteric, you can count on me!